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Wood Blinds Selection Page
Choose from 1 wood blinds or 2 wood blinds. Wood blinds add an appeal that no other blind can offer. Our wood blinds are elegant and robust in color. The rich taste of our wood blinds will sooth and comfort, adding a beautification of style.

Not only are the wood blinds beautiful, they are also strong enough to endure the wear and tear of life. All of our Wood Blinds are made from the Linden Tree. The lumber from the tree is known as Basswood, the foundation for our wood blinds. Linden Trees are native to North America, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and Japan. Bass wood is a quick growing tree that reaches heights of up to 80 feet. The wood of this variety is light and soft-grained, yet strong and durable.

For more product information and installation instructions for the Wood Blinds, please Click Here. For pricing and color choices click on a Wood Blinds link below.

Want something more economical yet still retains the look of wood? Try one of our Faux Wood Blinds products.

Product Name Type Key Features 36x60
1 Inch Premium Wood Blinds 1" Wood Blinds Our top of the line 1" wood blind $130
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2 Inch Premium Wood Blinds 2" Wood Blinds Our top of the line 2 inch custom wood blinds $213
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Our Staff Decorating Suggestions
Before purchasing any of our wood blinds, first, know the source. Our wood blinds are made from basswood. Basswood is a light and strong lumber derived from the tree Linden. Basswood is used to make furniture, wicker, and beehives. Also, jute, or reeds (which is partly what we use for our Bamboo Shades), can be gained by caning Linden trees.

Since the Wood Blinds are ordered online and we do not perform in-home estimates, it is your responsibility for the measurements and style to be correct. If it is not, then it will take a great deal of time to re-make the wood blinds.

If you are unsure of the color, please request free samples. Samples are a good idea because, although we try to be true to the color, each computer monitor will show the viewer a slightly different shade. Also, wood variations, in how the wood absorbs the stain, might also change the color.

Each stain for the wood blinds will amplify certain decors and rooms. For example, use Cherry and Mahogany for a rich and intelligent old-world feel. I would use these for home libraries, dens, and billiard rooms.

- Bleached and White colors will give the room, preferably bathrooms, a beach-look. Paint the walls beige and light blue, and voila!
- Natural, Pecan, Sugar Maple, and Oak are classic stains. They will beautify any room.

In summary, dark stains will give a refined style, light stains add relaxation, and the classic stains speak for themselves.

My favorite stain of the wood blinds is Cherry. It is elegant, rich, and opulent. We offer this stain for both the 1" and 2" wood blinds.

The most popular of the wood blind stains is the Golden Oak and Chalk White.

All wood blinds are covered by a topcoat sealant with UV protection ensuring the vitality of the color.

Cloth tapes are also a very interesting option. Cloth tapes run vertically over the veins of the blinds, the veins being the strings that hold up the blind. They come in a variety of colors and can add appeal if coordinated correctly with the stain of the wood. For example, hunter green cloth tapes and mahogany pair well. As aforementioned, light blue (Alice Blue) with the bleached wood blinds create a relaxing beach atmosphere.

Our Wood Blinds Stain choice:
2" Wood Blinds Mahogany and Sugar Maple

If you have any other questions regarding our wood blinds or plantation blinds, please feel free to call us at 1-888-877-1860 or email us at sales@customwholesaleblinds.com

Thanks for taking the time to view our wood blinds,