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1/2" Micro and 2" Aluminum Blinds Installation

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Parts List:
Note: All Parts are not included with every blind
  • Right Hand End Bracket
  • Left Hand End Bracket
  • Center Support Bracket
  • Valance
  • Valance Clip
  • Hold Down Bracket with Screws
  • Hold Down Pin
  • Wand

    Tools Needed
  • Tape Measure
  • Pencil
  • Level (Optional)
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • 1/16" or 3/32" Drill Bit

    Caution: Use proper screws. The mounting screws included are for wood or sheet metal surfaces. For other surfaces, obtain appropriate fasteners and install them according to the manufacturer's instructions.

    Installation Instructions:
    Your blind was made to be installed as either an inside or outside mount. Follow the instructions that apply to your blind.

    Unpack your new blind and check the packaging carefully to assure all parts have been removed before discarding the shipping container.

    Outside Mount
    Hold the blind level and centered against the window casing. Mark the casing with a pencil just below the headrail on each end. Also mark the window casing 1/8" beyond the ends of the headrail. The right and left installation brackets will be placed on these marks.

    Inside Mount
    Make sure the headrail is level and clear of obstructions. Make pencil marks below the headrail on each end. The right hand and left hand installation brackets will be placed on these marks.

  • The end brackets may be mounted using two screws in several different orientations depending on your needs:
    a. Inside the jambs (inside mount)
    b. To the outside face of the window casing or wall (outside mount)

    Use proper screws. Two screws are supplied for each mounting bracket. These are suitable for most wood and sheet metal surfaces. On wood surfaces pre-drill homes for the screws using a 1/16" dia. drill bit or make a starter hole with a finishing nail and hammer or awl. On sheet metal surfaces use a 3/32" dia. steel drill bit. For plaster, drywall, concrete, stone, brick or tile use appropriate plugs, anchors or screws of the proper type and length. Follow the manufacturers recommendations.

    Open the brackets swivel cover with a screwdriver. Hold the bracket against the mounting surface and align it with pencil marks. Using a pencil, mark the location of two diagonal holes for the mounting screws. Drill holes for the screws using one of the recommended drill bits. If working on a wood surface, locate the screws at least 1/4" from the edge of the wood to prevent splitting.

    Center support brackets are supplied if required. Space multiple brackets evenly along the headrail.

    Center support brackets must be positioned so they do not interfere with the operation of the blind cord and ladders. Mount center support brackets level with the end brackets.

    Snap the valance clips over the front lip of the headrail before mounting the blind to the installation brackets. A valance clip is furnished for every ladder. Install the valance clip next to each ladder. If the clips are mounted directly in line with the ladders, they may catch on the cords inside the headrail.

    Insert the headrail into the end brackets. If an auxiliary support bracket is used, be sure that it is properly engaged with the headrail.

    If your blind is not fitting snugly left to right, open the mounting brackets, remove the headrail and pry out the tab(s) at the ends of the headrail a bit with a screwdriver.

    If your blind fits too tightly, press the tab(s) in with a pair of pliers. Now reinstall the headrail and close the mounting bracket covers.

    Valance Installation

    Deluxe Valance
    On Outside mount blinds, the valance channel is notched or pre-formed on the backside to allow the ends of the channel to be formed into returns. Bend ends back to form returns.

    Starting at one end place the upper lip of the valance into the top groove of the valance bracket. Carefully snap the lower lip into the bottom groove of the valance bracket. Repeat this at each bracket. Valance return length may be trimmed with scissors if necessary.

    Standard Valance Place the lower edge of the slat into the center groove in the valance bracket. Now carefully snap the upper edge of the slat into the top groove in the bracket. Repeat this at each bracket across the blind. The lower valance slat is installed in the same manner by placing its lower edge into the lower groove in the valance bracket and carefully snapping the upper edge into the center groove of the bracket. The slats may be trimmed with scissors if necessary.

    To bend the returns, place the slats on a table with the concave (back) side up. Measure and mark the return size on each end of the slat. Place a ruler (or other straight edge) on the mark and hold it firmly in place with one hand. Place the other hand under the slat and bend it straight up.

    Install the valance slats as previously described.


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