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Custom Wood Shutters Installation Instructions

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Materials and Tools

The following materials needed for a standard installation are included with each order:

  • Shutter panels and frame, if a framed system
  • Dove tail inserts
  • Screw plugs
  • Magnets, striker plates and shims
  • Standard installation and assembly screws

    Important: The correct screws must be used for assembly and installation. Refer to the following illustration.

    Custom Wood Shutters

    Tools needed for installation:
  • Steel measuring tape
  • Variable speed power drill with square head driver bits #1 and #2
  • Caulking gun - dap
  • Drill bits to countersink holes 3/32" & 23/64"

    Frame Assembly

    Larger shutters may be shipped knocked-down (disassembled). Using the supplied tail fastener, reassembly of the frame is quick and easy. All holes have been pre-routed.

  • Position the four frame pieces face up according to how they are marked on the back.
  • Place the dove tail fastener into the pre-routed holes and hammer delicately into place.

    Custom Wood Shutters

    Note: All frames over 60" will be reinforced with screws.

    T-Post Attachment

    If one or more T-posts are used, mount them to the frame using the pre-drilled holes in the T-post and frame. The top of the T-posts are marked, and multiple T-posts are numbered, with number one starting at the left side of the frame.

    Custom Wood Shutters
  • Shutter Panel Attachment

    To complete the reassembly process, attach the shutter panels to the frame. Panel locations are marked on each shutter, and all hinge holes are predrilled.

    Custom Wood Shutters

    Basic Frame Installation

    We have two types of frames: L-frame and Z-frame. The procedure and sequence of mounting the screw attachment is similar for both types.

  • Center the frame inside or outside the window opening.
  • Attach the top of the frame first. Mount the first screw in the middle of the frame, and then attach the two corners.
  • On larger units, space additional screws evenly, no more than 30" apart and near the top of each T-spot.
  • Move the bottom of the frame left or right to align the panels.
  • Once the panels are aligned, attach the bottom of the frame. Mount the first screw in the middle of the frame, and then attach the two corners. Space any additional screws as you did at the top of the frame.
  • If necessary to align the panels, raise or lower the side frames or T-posts.
  • Only after the panels are all aligned, fasten the sides of the frame using screws at every hinge location.
  • Fill all holes with screw plugs for a finished look.
    Note: It is important to place a shim at the bottom of the frame to help support the weight of the frame when installing.

    Z-Frame Inside Mount

    The Z-frame is inside mounted with the decorative face flush against the outside of the window opening.

    L-Frames - Inside/Outside Mounts

    The L-frames can be inside or outside mounts. If used as an outside mount, it may be mounted directly to the molding, if the molding is at least 2 1/2" wide. If less than 2 1/2" wide the moulding must be removed.

    Note: If holes have to be drilled on site, please countersink using 3/32" and 23/64" drill bits.

  • Magnet Attachment

    Magnets ensure closure of all shutter panels. They are attached to the top and bottom of the frame. The magnets are positioned so that they contact striker plates screwed to the rear of the top and bottom rails on the shutter panels.

    Custom Wood Shutters Custom Wood Shutters
  • Attach striker plates where the top and bottom rails meet the stiles as illustrated.
  • With L-frames or Z-frames, the edge of the plate should be 1/4" from the edge of the rails.
  • With no frames, the edge of the plate should be flush with the edge of the rails.
  • the hole for the striker plate screw should be away from the top or bottom edge of the rail so that the flat part of the plate contacts the magnet.
  • Note that the striker plates are attached to the side of the panel furthest from the hinge attachment to the frame or T-posts.
  • With the panel(s) closed, mark the frame for magnet placement so that the magnets will contact the striker plates and secure the panels in the proper position.
  • Attach the magnets to the frame. Test their placement by opening and closing the shutter panel(s). Adjust if necessary.

  • Caulking

    Caulking may be required to fill in minor gaps between the frame and wall or between mitered corners of the frame.

    Note: Please predrill magnet holes with a 1/16" drill bit to prevent splitting of wood.

    Install the Shutter Panels

    Custom Wood Shutters

  • Place an 1/8" shim in the bottom of the window frame on the side where the shutter hinges will be located.
  • With the top hinge open, position the shutter panel in the window on top of the shim. Mark where to attach the top hinge (See above illustration).
  • Attach the top hinge to the inside of the frame. The barrel of the hinge must be outside the frame to allow the shutter panel to open and close properly.
  • Open the bottom hinge and attach it to the frame. If the panel has more than two hinges, do not attach them until after aligning the panel(s).
  • If the window has more than one panel, repeat the procedure to attach its top and bottom hinges to the other side of the window frame.
  • Close the panels and check their alignment. To adjust the panels, shim the top or bottom hinge to pivot the panel slightly.
  • After aligning the panels, attach any remaining hinges to the window frame.
  • Install shutter magnets according to the procedures outlined in the "Magnet Attachment" section. Attach striker plates flush with the edges of the top and bottom rails, and then attach the magnets to the window frame so that they contact the striker plates when the shutter panel is closed.

    Installation of Unframed Shutters

    Unframed shutters are always inside mounted. To install unframed shutters, the hinges attached to the shutter panel(s) are screwed to the inside of the window frame. The shutter panel(s) should be flush with the front of the frame, with the barrel of the hinges just outside the frame.


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