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Window Treatments Information

At BestBlinds we offer nothing but the best quality window treatments, all at the lowest prices anywhere and we back that up with out 125% Low Price Guarantee.

2 inch real wood blindsHorizontal Wood Window Treatments
At Bestblinds you can choose from our 1" wood blinds window treatments, 2" wood blinds window treatments or 2" express wood blinds window treatments. Wood window treatments add an appeal that no other window treatments can offer. Our wood window treatments are elegant and robust in color. The rich taste of our wood window treatments will sooth and comfort, adding a natural feel and beautification of style to your indoor setting.

These wood window treatments beautiful and they are strong enough to endure the wear and tear of life. All of our wood window treatments are made from the Linden Tree. The lumber from the tree is known as Basswood, the foundation for our wood blinds.

2 inch smooth faux wood blindsHorizontal Faux Wood Window treatments
At Bestblinds we carry 2" faux wood blinds window treatments, 2" express faux wood blinds window treatments and 2 1/2" faux wood blinds window treatments. These synthetic 'faux' products have the look and feel of a Natural Wood product, but lighter and more economical. Faux window treatments are a great product for areas of high moisture or humidity, so they are perfect for windows in areas such as bathrooms, laundry rooms and the garage.

embossed version of the vinyl blindsVinyl Horizontal Window treatments
Our 2" horizontal vinyl window treatments offer the look of real wood window treatments but at a fraction of the cost. Horizontal vinyl window treatments are great for those looking for a product that is easy to maintain and the price conscious. Our vinyl horizontal window treatments are available in
smooth or embossed slat finishes.

Our VERT-a-SHEER® Sheer Vertical BlindsSpecialty Vertical Window treatments
We carry 3 categories of specialty vertical window treatments: Leisure Wood (Faux) Verticals, Sheer Verticals and VertiWood (Real Wood) Verticals. Our Leisure Wood vertical window treatments are a rigid, embossed faux type slat material that coordinates well with our 2" embossed faux horizontal window treatments. The Sheer Verticals window treatments are much more than a vertical window treatments, the innovative design combines light control and privacy with radiance of sheer fabric. Our VertiWoods have 3-1/2" wooden vanes which are 5mm thick, so they’re a sturdy and beautiful vertical window treatments option.

Picture of our smooth pvc vertical blindsVertical Window treatments
Our vertical window treatments will give you the appearance of a drapery. Our finely engineered track allows you to regulate the right amount of light through the vertical window treatments. Vertical window treatments are well suited for both formal and casual decor. Easy operation and low maintenance make vertical window treatments a popular treatment for almost any window.

example of our mini blindsAluminum Mini Window treatments
For many windows a simple, inexpensive aluminum mini window treatments will do the trick. Despite their low prices, all of our 1" aluminum window treatments are made from #6 gauge space age aluminum alloy slat material that allows for maximum flexibility to resist kinks and bends. Our mini window treatments also have a polyester base paint applied and baked on.

Our Bamboo Shades in the Mongolia Natural StyleBamboo Window treatments - Matchstick Window treatments
Our Bamboo Window treatments are an elegant collection of Bamboo, Rattan, Reeds, Jutes, and Woven Woods. With 21 popular styles to choose from, such as the rustic madake bamboo window treatments and shizen bamboo window treatments. These beautiful natural materials offer great flexibility in designing window treatments. Not only do the bamboo window treatments offer diversity in appearance, the woven woods also offer different lifting abilities, such as "roman-fold bamboo treatments" and "roll-up bamboo treatments".

Example of our Room Darkening Window ShadesHorizontal Window treatments
Soft Sheer Window Shades are the perfect compliment to any home decor. These delicate window treatments will provide a variety of light and privacy control options while enhancing any room in your home. Our window treatments fashion reveals the outdoors in magical style, giving you an attractive way to view your world. These soft fabric horizontal window treatments offer a sheer, natural beauty combined with all the practicality of a blind.

Our Cellular ShadesCellular Window Treatments
Cellular window treatments are one of the most popular window treatments because of their numerous features. The unique cellular construction provides excellent insulation and sound absorption. Our cellular window treatments are available in several pleat sizes and in a full spectrum of colors.

Picture of one of our Roman ShadesRoman Window treatments
Premium-quality woven fabrics, sculpted into soft, graceful contours - that's the plush, custom, tailored look of BestBlinds™ Roman Window treatments. BestBlinds™ Roman Window treatments deliver high-fashion elegance without a high price tag, an incredible value in window treatments.

Roller ShadesRoller Window treatments
Our Roller Window treatments are 100% vinyl and they provide complete privacy. The Roller Window treatments allow you to choose a Flat Fold style upgrade or change the standard spring roller system to the optional continuous loop clutch roller.

Sheerweave Sun Control ShadesSun Control Sheerweave Window treatments
Sheerweave solar window treatments are the fresh alternative to the common vinyl roller window treatments. The Sheerweave sun window treatments not only reduces the fading of draperies and carpets, it also allows the owner a perfect view of the outside world while still maintaining a degree of privacy. Each design of the Sheerweave sun window treatments affects the ability to see through them, this is known as the “Openness Factor”. Throughout the Sheerweave sun window treatments page, the “Openness Factor” will appear with the complementary window treatments.

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